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NPLL 2020-2021 General Membership Drive

2020-2021 NPLL Regular Membership Online Enrollment and General Membership Meeting

Greetings North Park Little League Families!  Our League is ‘kicking-off’ the 2020-2021 Regular Membership drive!  You are invited to join the rolls of NPLL Regular Membership.  The League’s General Membership meeting will be held on Monday, August 10, 2020.


Who should become a Regular Member of North Park Little League?

Any adult “official volunteer” that has completed the NPLL Volunteer Process, passed the required background check and is actively interested in furthering the objectives of North Park Little League.


What are the benefits of Regular Membership?

Regular Members in good standing are eligible to make nominations for the NPLL Board of Directors, vote, and be elected to Board positions at the General Membership Meeting. 


Who is required to be a Regular Member?

All Officers, Board Members, Committee Members, and other elected or appointed officials must be active Regular Members in good standing.


How does one become a Regular Member of North Park Little League?

If you are interested in becoming a Regular Member of North Park Little League, open the link below and follow the instructions!  Membership dues are $5 (all money is deposited into the League’s general fund).

The link to membership: General Membership Sign Up Form


Thank you in advance for your participation and your continued support for our League!

Please contact League Vice President Mark H. at with any questions.


by posted 07/14/2020
Update from NPLL - as of July 2, 2020

Dear North Park Little League Community,

The North Park Little League (NPLL) Board of Directors (BOD) has suspended the Spring season.  The BOD would like to explain its decision, where we hope to go from here, and address registration fees.


Reason for suspension

As of now, NPLL does not have the ability to play games.  Whether and when NPLL can play games is dependent on approval from State, County, and City officials.  As of now, there is no such approval and no reliable indication of when we may receive such approval.

The BOD has developed a comprehensive plan that we intend to implement when, and if, approval for games is given.  When developing that plan, the BOD decided that there was no practicable way to safely conduct practices.  For this reason, and the additional reason that it is questionable whether there is actually existing State approval for youth sport leagues to practice, the BOD has decided to not hold practices.


Going Forward

The BOD is, however, trying to secure permits for field space so that NPLL will have the ability to resume play on Sundays in the coming months.  This, of course, will depend upon State, County and City officials authorizing youth sports games.


The BOD did not take these decisions lightly.  Like you, the members of the BOD are doing their best to navigate an unprecedented situation.  Our decisions may not be the right ones for everyone, but the BOD did its best to make decisions based on what is it believes best for the kids of NPLL.

We hope you stay well, and we look forward to seeing each other at Morley soon as we can.



North Park Little League Board of Directors

by posted 07/02/2020
Field Status
NP Batting - Cage 1 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Batting - Cage 2 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Batting - Soft Toss 3 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Field 1 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Field 2 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Field 3 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Field 4 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Field 5 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
NP Field 6 - San Diego TBD (8/5) 
University City Int - San Diego OPEN (8/5) 
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